Lucca Cathedral or Cathedral of Saint Martin in Lucca is located in the square of the same name. Its construction was begun in 1063 by Bishop Anslem, later Pope Alexander II. The nave of the Cathedral of Saint Martin is in Gothic style and was smoothed in the 14th century. Martin's was designed by Guedetto da Como in 1204.

The reliefs on the left wing of the door are by Nicola Pisano, and the images of the life of St. Martin are by da Como. Inside the Cathedral of Saint Martin, under the main nave, is the octagonal chapel "The Little Temple" by local sculptor Matteo Civitali. It contains the crucifix of the Holy Face made of cedar wood, said to have been made by Nicodemus, an eyewitness of Christ's crucifixion. Even more beautiful is the "Tomb of Ilaria del Carreto", which is dedicated to the wife of Paolo Guinigi, one of Lucca's most famous medieval rulers.

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