Trips and excursions around the world. Online Travel Visas.

The web page is created for everyone, who loves to travel and become well acquainted with the world. Travellings and journeys turn into one of the few things in the rushed world, which reduce the stress and fill people with positive energy.

We shall publish articles and information about the most famous, but also not so popular sightseeing from the whole world in Here you shall also find useful materials about all countries of the world, their geographical position, the visa regimes and many photographs.

Until the middle of the 20-th century, the possibilities of people to travel were restricted by the boundaries of the countries, the slow transport and many other factors. But already in the new century the plane tickets and flights are available for everyone, and the boundaries between many countries have remained only on paper. Nowadays each country strives to facilitate the access of foreign citizens to its tourist sightseeing and attractions.

For this purpose a part of the countries have introduced online tourist visas, which allow each person, who travels to receive their visa on an email. At the moment a policy for issue of online visas have India, the USA, Turkey, China, Brazil, Canada, Egypt and etc.

On a world scale the citizens of Europe travel the most. This is determined by the small area of the continent and out of the abundant historical heritage. The most visited countries in Europe are  – France, Italy and Spain.

By the rapid development of China and Southeast Asia the share of this region in the travellings is more and more increased, and as we add to them the eternally curious Japanese   we obtain an enormous number of travellers.

The other region, where the travellings with purpose tourism are popular are the rich countries of North America – the USA and Canada. The boundary between the two countries is symbolic, which allows easy moving of the citizens from one country to the other. Foreign citizen need a visa in order to travel to the USA and Canada. As we have mentioned above for some countries there is a facilitated visa regime and they can obtain an online tourist visa. For all the rest countries they need to visit the embassy of the USA or Canada in the respective country in order to obtain a visa.

A big interest towards India is noticed on behalf of the travellers during the last years – one of the most ancient countries and at present second as per population in the world. The rapid economic development of the country also contributes to this, which makes it a destination for business, besides a tourist destination.

Trips and excursions around the world. Online Travel Visas.


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