One of the most beautiful places in northern Greece is near the border with Macedonia and Albania. There are the Big and the Small Prespa Lakes. The Big Prespa Lake is divided between the three bordering countries, most of which are located in Macedonia. The lake does not flow anywhere, and the water seeps from the mountain Galichitsa to flow from the many springs in Lake Ohrid.
This almost wild area is difficult to access from Macedonia and Greece, but from the south you can reach the Little Prespa Lake, whose "tail" is located in Albania. In the Small Prespa Lake is the island "St. Achilles ”, which offers a rich cultural heritage, historical sites and magnificent nature. Here are the remains of the medieval Bulgarian city - Prespa, which was built by King Samuel. The tomb of King Samuel was discovered in 1969 in the ruins of the great Basilica of St. Achilles.


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