Bari is a city located on the southeastern coast of Italy, facing the Adriatic Sea. Bari is the second largest economic center in the southern region of Italy after Naples. The old center of Bari is nestled around the port, the residential and business area of ​​the city is wide and extends over a large area.
In the early years, Bari was part of the Roman Empire and served as the main entrance to the Adriatic Sea. Over time, its importance grows. This causes the management of the city to pass into different "owners". As a coastal city with access to many sea routes, Bari has a diverse economy, which includes the agricultural and textile industries, the production of clothing and footwear, and of course maritime transport because of the large port.
The old town of Bari offers a fantastic presentation of historical architecture, important buildings such as Castel Svevo, while the modern city has some wonderful museums and shopping streets. The combination of old and new intertwines fantastically in this beautiful coastal city.
The Basilica San Nicola is a huge church in the center of Bari. It is known for its fantastic design, rich interior and is an important place of worship for Roman Catholics in Europe. Built in 1197, this basilica is an example of the Romanesque style and stands proudly in the center of the old town of Bari, near the port. The front façade has some fantastic little details and sculptures, and the interior has just a stunning gold ceiling with painted artwork. Inside the basilica is the tomb of St. Nicolas and many prominent sculptures and mosaics.
The Basilica of San Sabino is considered less famous and famous than the Basilica San Nicola, but it is still another fantastic building in itself. Located near the Basilica St. Nicolas, this church is another impressive building in the center of the old town of Bari. The front facade of the church has a similar design and is made of white stone and has several sculptures and ornate windows. San Sabino is an architectural jewel of the city of Bari. It was built in 1292 and is an important example of Romanesque architecture. Inside there are countless white stone and marble ornaments, as well as intricately decorated crypts. There are also many religious relics, including the tomb of St. Columbus.
The archeological excavations of the Basilica of San Sabino are a kind of attraction. A journey underground reveals its unique underground world, in which there are many Roman ruins. These various finds show Bari's complex history and how it has changed over the years.
Bari Castle is a Norman castle built in 1100 by King Roger II. It features a traditional design with a central courtyard, four main towers and is surrounded by a moat on three sides. Despite the huge castles, it still remains in fantastic condition and has original walls and towers. Bari Castle is located on a hill west of the old town and offers fantastic views of the city. Visitors are offered interesting walks in the courtyard, corridors and several interior rooms, which house artifacts and exhibitions on the history of the castle.
The old town of Bari has managed to remain intact, entering into a sympathetic harmony with modernity. There is a labyrinth of small, narrow cobbled streets that revolve in an almost circular shape. It is a real pleasure to explore the narrow streets of the old town to see the local culture, to admire the beautiful buildings and to see where this great city came from. The modern city of Bari has a series of straight, parallel streets that symbolize modernism and organization. A tour of the city is nice to start from the Basilica San Nicola, to visit the other cathedral and castle, to go for a walk on the side streets, drinking a drink in an old-fashioned cafe and many other pleasant experiences.
Bari is a coastal resort, so it makes sense that it has a fantastic promenade and this is The Lungomare Nazario Sauro. This pedestrian promenade stretches for about 1000 meters from the port of Parco per Cani and is a truly picturesque pedestrian promenade where you can enjoy the Mediterranean sun. Surrounded by fantastic architecture and white washed buildings, the promenade has a pleasant atmosphere and the sea view is sublime.
The old center of Bari is full of hidden gems and Piazza Mercantile is one such find. Located in the eastern part of the city near the port, this square is a charming place to visit and the architecture is strange and attractive. This square leads to different times. Different colored shutters cover the windows, and the small balconies delight the senses with their beautiful flowers.
Situated on a brilliant promenade, the Pinacoteca Provinciale is a fantastic modern gallery offering a wide variety of works of art, ranging from the 11th to the 19th centuries. The building itself occupies the first place on the promenade and has a series of arches on the front facade and is very richly decorated with interesting details. Various exhibitions showcase the richness of high-quality art, including paintings from the Middle Ages, paintings by remarkable Italian artists, as well as numerous works dedicated to the Apulian School of Art. Particularly interesting are the works of artists such as Paolo Veronese, Giovanni Bellini and Tintoretto.
If you are looking for a place for retail therapy, Via Sparano will meet your needs. Located in “modern” Bari, this street crosses the Corso Vittorio Emanuele and leads to Piazza Aldo Moro. There are many shops on the street, including those of designer brands such as Disney Store, Emporio Armani, Pandora, H&M, Michael Kors and Zara. In addition to fantastic shopping opportunities, the street offers a number of bars, cafes and restaurants and is a truly modern place to visit.
If you want to enjoy the sun and enjoy the sea air, the Lido and the beach of San Francesco are the perfect place to visit. This beach is located east of the old town and offers many ways to have fun. The beach offers perfect golden sand and clear blue water. There are many shops, bars and restaurants around the beach to enjoy.
Alta Murgia National Park is one of the best parks in the Puglia region and offers a variety of attractions to the usual sights that Bari has to offer. 
You may be wondering why Bari's business and shopping center is listed as a landmark, but there is a stark contrast to the old town - there is a clear difference between the two centers. The streets are completely arranged and shaped in a grid format, and the architecture is fantastic.
As the largest theater in Bari, the Petruzzelli Theater is the fourth largest theater in the country. It is located in the new part of Bari and stands out from the surrounding buildings, as it has a magnificent orange facade decorated with many sculpted details. The interior decoration is fantastic, and the hall has the typical features of a high-quality theater, including a huge amount of red velvet and gold trim.

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