In the northeastern part of the Cycladic archipelago, very close to the southernmost point of the island of Andros, there is a Greek island dedicated to the Virgin Mary - the island of Tinos. During the months of March and August, thousands of believers flock to him and go to worship at her church in search of mercy and the fulfillment of their prayers. The visitors are not only foreigners, but also thousands of Greeks.
The relief of the island is interesting because of the terraced hills and the coast with nice undeveloped beaches. In addition, the preserved authentic mountain villages, the hundreds of decorated and painted in white dovecotes and high bell towers, have made a great contribution to the attractive appearance of the island of Tinos. The nests of pigeons turned into works of art are one of the symbols that characterize the island of Tinos.
Tinos is the capital of the island and a very important port for the island. A wide street leads from the pier to the hill on which is the majestic Church of the Virgin Mary. The church was built on this place in 1823 with marble from the city of Paros and the city of Tinos, because there was discovered an icon of the Mother of God. Another outstanding landmark of Tinos is the art gallery of artists from the island of Tinos and Greek artists of modern times located near the church, which has a very interesting and impressive collection. Nearby is the Archaeological Museum with finds from the sanctuary of Poseidon and the Amphitheaters (Kionia beach) and the remains of a geometric burial (city of Exo Meria).
The catalog of sights on the island of Tinos includes the city of Xomburgo with its ruins of a medieval castle, on the south side of which are the sanctuaries of Dimitra and Persephone. The island of Tinos has preserved its inside from the clutches of the tourism industry. Over 45 settlements take care to preserve their traditional features and typical vernacular architecture. Therefore, it is mandatory to visit some villages. For example, Volax is unique because of its ancient stones, which have become a phenomenon. Cardiani and Isternia because of the sea view they offer, as well as Pyrgos - one of the most picturesque places in the Cyclades.
The historical sights of Tinos include the picturesque Kechrovouni monastery (Virgin Mary of the Angels) and the Catholic Cathedral of the village of Xinaria. The vacation of Tinos will be complete if you visit the numerous beaches - Kionia, Porto, Panormos, Kolimbitra, Agios Sostis and Pahia Amos.

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