Just on two hours away from the port of Rafinas is the island of Andros - an island with a distinctive appearance and its own appearance, which, however, is famous for the centuries-old image and tranquility of the Greek islands. It is the northernmost of the Cyclades and is the second largest after the island of Naxos. Unlike other Cycladic islands, Andros has rich aquatic and underwater vegetation. Andros Island also has an aristocratic heritage and a rich maritime history.
The island appears to be born place for many famous sailors, artists and sculptors and is said to be a museum of civilization. The capital of the island is built in the style of neoclassicism and is located in the eastern part. It and the coastal village of Gyro, located in the northern part of the island, are the main tourist destinations. Andros Island also offers opportunities for walking routes, offering 12 destinations with a total length of 85 km.


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