The town of Gettysburg (Gettysburg) is located in the center of Pennsylvania amid rolling hills overgrown with foliage. It is famous for the most devastating battle of the US Civil War between the North and the South. The casualties here totaled about 50,000 Union and Confederate Army men.

After his unsuccessful attempt to invade Northern territory at Antietam River, General Lee undertook a march to this region in May 1863. Confident of his success, he advanced with an army of 72,000 men, and the government of the South was ready with a letter of peace to be delivered after victory.

The Union army under Major General Joseph Cooper was 94,000 strong. A few days before the battle begins, Joseph Cooper resigns and Major General George Meade takes command of the Union Army.

The clash between the two armies took place between July 1-3, 1863. After Lee attempted to flank the Union army unsuccessfully on July 2, a frontal assault was ordered on the center, which was located on Semitry Hill, on July 3. The attack was led by General George Pickett, with nearly 15,000 men committed for the purpose. Although the North won the battle, this attack remains in history as a symbol of courage.

After the battle, Semitry Hill was turned into a soldier's cemetery and was dedicated by President Abraham Lincoln. And local prosecutor David Maconahy purchased 243 acres of this land to preserve for posterity this memorial site. For this is a battle whose leaders were not only great strategists and military leaders, but also men with great hearts, empathetic at the loss of so many of their countrymen.

The importance of the Battle of Gettysburg is evidenced by Lincoln's words, "The world will scarcely note or long remember what was said here, but it cannot forget what was done by them in this place."

Today, Gettysburg National Cemetery and National Military Park are among the most revered historic monuments in the United States. The park is home to the Pennsylvania Regiments Monument at Gettysburg, which is the largest monument on the battlefield.

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