Philadelphia is a city in Pennsylvania, USA. It is one of the oldest cities in the country and inextricably linked with its history. The settlement was founded by William Penn and was declared a city in 1701. Then Philadelphia developed intensively from the incoming quakers, persecuted in England after the restoration. In Philadelphia, the US Declaration of Independence was signed, and for several years the city is also the capital of the Union. Philadelphia is home to architectural styles of different epochs that coexist with the ultra-modern skyscrapers. The oldest building in the city is the  Old Swedes Church, completed in 1700.

As can be expected for a city with such a history as Philadelphia, it is filled with a museum and monuments: The Bell of Freedom; Museum of Fine Arts; The Archaeological and Anthropological Museum; Benjamin Franklin National Memorial; The Academy of Natural History; The Opera of Philadelphia; House-Museum of the writer Edgar Allan Po and others.

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