The United Nations is an institution that represents a world of peace and freedom. In 1946, the UN decided to locate its headquarters in New York. One of the reasons for this was that John D. Rockefeller, faithful to the principle that one should give for prosperity, gave 8.5 million dollars, which was used to buy a 7 ha plot on the East River. Construction of the complex began in 1947 to a design by the French architect Le Corbusier. The flags of the 192 member states fly at the entrance to the complex.

In the middle of the complex is the Secretariat building. The General Assembly building has an interesting architectural design - the roof is curved and with a dome in the middle. The General Assembly Hall can accommodate the representatives of 192 countries. The building where the Security Council meets is located near Franklin Roosevelt Avenue. The library was added to the complex in 1963. There are several other buildings around the square that are connected to the UN compound - these are the official hotel and the UNICEF building. The complex has notable gardens such as the Ralph Bunhee Park , named after Ralph Bunhee, a black delegate to the UN( 1904 - 1971) and Nobel Peace Prize winner. On the Isaiah Wall there are carved the words: 'They will forge ploughshares from their swords'.

For a complete tour of the complex, the visitor can hire a guide from the lobby of the General Assembly building, where there is also a souvenir shop.

All around the square where the UN complex is located, one can see works of art-donated by member states. At the entrance, a magnificent fountain welcomes guests and tourists. Next to it rises the bronze monolith of Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975), one of Britain's foremost exponents of modern and abstract art. Further on you can see the statue "Peace" by the Croatian sculptor Antun Avgustinčić and also the Peace Bell, a gift from Japan. In the chapel next to the Secretariat can be seen a stained glass by Marc Chagall, in memory of Dag Hammarskjöld (1905-1961), Secretary-General of the United Nations( 1953-1961), who died in a plane crash during a peacekeeping mission in the Congo.

After the pleasant walk around the UN square, a break in Greeneaker Park would be welcome. Built in a small space, this is the most beautiful "mini" park in New York City. The small waterfall and neat bar add to the pleasant atmosphere.

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