San Antonio is a city in Texas, USA. The city was founded by the Spaniards and is named after Saint Anthony of Padua. The Spaniards stopped here on his holiday and therefore bears his name, which has been preserved until today. The Texas state became 28 US states after the war with Mexico in 1845.

Near San Antonio there is one of the most interesting places in the United States - the Alamos Mission. Here, in 1836, 198 volunteers held the army of the Mexican general Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana for 13 days and were killed, but a month later the Mexican army was broken. The church built on this site is one of America's most visited tourist sites.

Another popular spot near San Antonio is the River Walk Park, where many festivals are held. The park has many open and wooded areas with cafes, shops and restaurants.

Interesting in San Antonio to see are: Cavalry Museum - showing the battle past the city; The towers of the two Americas; Cathedral of San Fernando and others.

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