One of the popular winter resorts in Italy is a beautiful valley located in the center of the Alps and surrounded by high peaks, each suitable for winter adventures. Its name Val Gardena and its specifications are well known among professionals in winter sports, which speaks of its great fame. Many teams and competitors choose its training tracks for the upcoming international competitions, which the resort sometimes hosts. Italy is just proud of its Val Gardena.
Val Gardena has an extremely strategic geographical location, which has largely won the trust of tourists and athletes. This is due to the fact that for those who do not have enough variety on the slopes of Val Gardena, do not need to change places, but just travel a little to the neighboring mountain village or to one of the nearby resorts. To increase its allure, Val Gardena provides access to all slopes in the Dolomites for ski pass holders.
Speaking of tracks, here is the place to describe the options for winter sports in Val Gardena. The slopes of Val Gardena occupy an area with an altitude of 3800 m to 810 m and a guaranteed maximum displacement of 2030 m, and their total length is 200 km. The cross-country ski runs have a total length of 100 km. The resort ski area offers the greatest variety for the intermediate with an attractive number of 53 slopes. For the experts, their number is 32. Obviously, there are the least challenges for beginners, as they can only go down one track.
Val Gardena is also revered among snowboarders. Here the heart beats of an important snowboard park, in which there is a special terrain with obstacles. The class and the level of the park and the facilities in it make it an ideal place for holding international championships.
If your element is not skiing or snowboard acrobatics, then Val Gardena has thought of you. The winter resort offers activities such as hiking, sledding, ice climbing, hockey, skating and paragliding. In short - you will not be bored and you will find a way to forget about life outside the white fairy tale in Val Gardena. 
Relaxation at the end of the day is guaranteed, as you will be well taken care of in the huts and restaurants - a good drink, quality food and traditional music. Val Gardena also boasts its visitors with its indoor pool and sauna.

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