The four-tiered Mitchell Waterfall is emblematic attraction in the Kimberley region and it is one of the most mesmerizing waterfalls in Australia. The Mitchell Falls are located in the far north-west, yet easily accessible Mitchell River National Park situated in the vast lands of Western Australia. The park covers 1150 sq m of the Mitchell Plateau famous for its spectacular views towards the Mitchell Fall and the huge Livistona humilis (Sand palms) savanna, endemic for this area for centuries. The waterfall is known as Punamil-Uunpuu for the local Aboriginal people from the Wunambal tribe. The falls are carved through the specific red sandstone and form hypnotizing emerald water pools that overflow from top to bottom at total of 80 meters height.

The river and the falls are named after the West Australia prime-minister Sir James Mitchell who was in office in the beginning of 20th century. This impressive cascade waterfall can be reached and seen via different hiking trails, however the best sights of the area can be enjoyed by air. Yet, no matter how you chose to see the Mitchell Falls, it will always be an unforgettable experience. The best time to visit is the high-water season in February and March. Regular flights are available from the town of Kununurra, seasonal airplane tours are possible from Drysdale river port and private helicopter tours are offered from the Mitchell Falls & the Mitchell River National Park Campground. The hiking trail starts at the Campground and stretches for about 8 km to the falls with many impressive rocks to be seen along the way. 

Over 50 mammal species and 86 amphibian and reptilian species inhabit the park. More than 220 bird species live in the tropical areas of the region. The only international airport in West Australia is the Perth Airport which connects the town of Kununurra – the closest city to the Mitchell River National Park. For the ones who wish to see the Australia’s wilderness by road, the best recommendation would be the luxurious Indian Pacific train ride from Sidney to Perth. It is an expensive but rewarding 4-day journey offering options for short tours in Broken Hill and Kalgoorlie. Besides the Mitchell river and falls, West Australia comes with a wide variety beaches, sedimentary rock, weirdly shaped canyons, coral reefs, pink lakes, giant trees and diverse flora and fauna. Yet, the Mitchell Falls view is irreplaceable and breathtaking!  

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