Daintree National Park is situated in north-east Australia in the state of Queensland and has been included as an UNESCO World Heritage Site for its huge biological diversity. The park is created in 1981 and covers 1200 sq. km. It is part of Tropical North Queensland, located at 1757 km from Brisbane and 100 km from Cairns. Both the part and the river running through it are named after the Australian explorer Richard Daintree.

Daintree National Park is comprised of two main sections - Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation. The park includes some agricultural areas and the towns of Mossman and Daintree Village. Daintree Village is popular for its proximity to the park and the possibility for early morning walks. One of the entries into the park is from Mossman, south from Daintree River. From the visitors center the tourist can take the tour bus to Mossman Gorge and enjoy an unforgettable experience.  Mossman Gorge provides for phenomenal views over rocks with weird shapes and tropical forests full of eucalyptus, ferns and many other blooming shrubs. Swimming in the lakes and rivers in the Mossman Gorge is allowed and can be utterly refreshing. Here the visitors can see many interesting animals too, like the Boyd’s forest dragon (a species of forest lizard) and tree-kangaroos which is quite smaller than the popular kangaroos reaching only about 11kg, however it is much faster and agile. The most spectacular and oldest part of the Daintree Rainforest is 110 million years old and located north from Daintree River. After crossing the river with the old fashioned cable car, the visitors can take one of the many hiking trails, reach virgin beaches and observe the cassowaries.

Cape Tribulation is the second main section of the Daintree National Park with an area of around 170 sq. km including the coast line and the last vast lowland Rainforests in Australia. Cape Tribulation has many unexplored beaches surrounded by less dense rain forest. However, swimming at Cape Tribulation beach is prohibited at all times as it is a crocodile infested zone. 

The traditional owners of the park are the Aboriginal people. All its natural wonders have also spiritual meaning to them. One of those sites are the Bouncing Stones at Thornton Beach. The rock here is elastic and it feel like it’s moving while walking on it. The best time to visit this serene region of Australia is between April and November.  

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