Perth is an Australian city and one of the most remote cities on Earth. It is located in the beautiful valley of Swan River where Captain Vlamingh moored his ship at the end of 17th century and the European crew saw the back swans swimming in the river. They are fascinated by the place and first settlers arrive at Swan Valley in June 1829. In 1832 their newly built town become capital of the State of Western Australia. Currently, the population of the city of Perth is about 2 million people and it looks much younger than it actually is because the historical Victorian buildings are far from its modern central area. Most of the city’s population is born abroad and this contributes to its young and vivid spirit. Perth’s lifestyle is attractive and unusual - hundreds of kilometers of sandy beaches and people loving the sports.

A walk around Perth is excellent way for the tourists to get to know the history and the present of the city. The building of the Parliament of Western Australia is located in West Perth and it’s the legislative house of the state. It is build by special white, beige and pink sand stone in 1902. The Government House is located in the central area and it serves as official residence of the governor of Western Australia. The building and its garden cover 32 thousand sq meters of land. The architecture of the building itself is unique for its stone ornaments, double wing windows, decorated frontons and few towers. The interior of the Government House is elegant and rich and the Ballroom is the utmost example of luxury. The Perth Town Hall was built by colonial convicts in the beginning of 20th century. It is in Victorian style and has a Clock Tower. The Perth Mint building dated 1899 is another remarkable building of the city.

Fremantle is a small port city located at the mouth of Swan River and it serves the entire Perth area. Fremantle has many historical buildings with well-preserved Victorian and Edwardian architecture. This is the very first colonial settlement and the convict-built Fremantle Prison functioned until 1868. It is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visitors of the Fremantle Prison can see the so called ‘escape-proof’ cell made for the notorious bushranger and wrongly accused of murder Joseph Bolitho Johns popular as Moondyne Joe who had escaped the prison several times. Another place to visit in Fremantle is the Western Australian Maritime Museum with many exhibits dedicated to the history of sailing among which ‘Australia II’ yacht which has won the America's Cup in 1983 and the authentic Oberon-class submarine of the Royal Australian Navy both preserved here.

Elizabeth Quay is a multi-purpose development project in the central business district of Perth. It is names in honor of Queen Elisabeth II for her Diamond Jubilee. The area includes many new and renovated buildings and gardens. Swan Bells are an emblematic site at Elizabeth Quay. Swan Bells are significant with their 82-meter campanile made of copper and glass and 18 bells with a total weight of 9 tones. Twelve out of the eighteen bells have historical value and were donated from St Martin-in-the-Fields church in London for Australian bicentenary celebrations. The campanile is particularly attractive with its lights during night and the sound of the eighteen bells is magical during holidays.

Kings Park is a huge city park located in the central area of Perth. It is the most popular site for both locals and tourists. The number of visitors annually reaches over 5 million people. The park has a remarkable Botanic garden and offers many other interesting spots. The park is home to the State War Memorial and the visitors can see individual memorial plaques in its alleys dedicated to the soldiers who have lost their lives during the World War I and World War II. Another curious site on the premises of the park is the DNA Tower with its white double spiral stairway of 101 steps reaching 15 meters height. The park hosts the big Kings Park Festival which includes an exhibition promoting Australia’s wild flower, huge show, concerts and many other activities.

Marmion Marine Park is an ocean preserved area with coral riffs near the mainland inhibited by many fish, Australian sea lions, dolphins and humpback whales passing through its waters in May on their way north and again in September and October when they return south. The list of attractions available in Perth goes with the Perth Zoo, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Aquarium Of Western Australia with its 98-meter long underwater observation tunnel. The Aquarium organizes exciting whale-watching tours. The coast of North Perth is another location offering interesting places like Cottesloe Beach, Scarborough surf area and Trigg beach popular for its romantic sunsets and among the scuba diving enthusiasts. Rottnest Island is a small island near Fremantle famous for its quokka population and its historical buildings from the period when they were used as Aboriginal prisons.

Boola Bardip Museum is within the Perth Cultural Centre. Its amazing building is open after a renovation in 2020 and provides permanent exhibitions dedicated to Western Australia history, the history of the indigenous Aboriginal people, the creation of the Universe, a dinosaurs section and section about the ocean life. In the continental surroundings of Perth can be found the huge vineyards of Swan Valley where some of the vines were planted shortly of the city was established. There are numerous wineries including the huge Houghton Wines winery.

Perth’s night life is concentrated in the clubs, restaurants and bars in Central Northbridge and the chick Subiaco neighborhood. Another great experience for the city’s visitors would be seeing a show at the Perth Concert Hall or a play at the His Majesty's Theatre. The best time to visit Perth I between May and September. It is winter time at this period here but the climate is mild and humid. The summer in Perth is between December and March and February is the hottest month of the year. Perth’s airport is the fourth busiest airport in Australia. The locals in this remote but lively city are open and friendly to their city’s guests.

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