Universal Studios is a glamorous place in Hollywood, California, where the visitor is transported to the mecca of cinema. The studios are part of the history of cinema and Hollywood back in time. To this day, the experiences here still hold a magnetism.

Universal Studios was founded by German immigrant Karl Lemle. He got the idea to allow visits to this place to increase his revenue. Thus, since 1915, Universal Studios has been open to those who want to feel the adrenaline of the sets. When the talking cinema appeared, tours were discontinued as the noise on the sets, with and audience present was impossible.

In 1962, the Universal Studios Company was bought by the Musical Company of America and studio visits resumed. The tours even included the artists' dressing rooms and various sets used in the films. The company thus became one huge theme park. The one in Hollywood is particularly original - it's divided into two main areas, the Apper Lot and the Down Lot, linked together by a series of escalators.

Universal Studios is also referred to as the "Entertainment Capital of LA". Here the visitor can learn about the way films and shows are filmed and the additional effects that enhance the spectacle of Hollywood productions. Here you are in a wonderland. Some of the studios have 4D screening rooms where the visitor feels like a hero caught in a crashed plane or train, or a participant in the adventures of Shrek.

Walking along Sunset Boulevard and Melrose Avenue, visitors feel the atmosphere of this extraordinary place. And Rodeo Drive is a dream for ladies who get excited about strolling through the biggest boutiques of world-famous fashion brands. A chance encounter with one of Hollywood's celebrities, will a great challenge.

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