Lastovo is an island, municipality and town in Croatia. Lastovo Island is famous for its architecture from the XV and XVI century. Despite its small area, Lastovo has a large number of churches. Polkad or Carnival has been declared the main cultural event on the island of Lastovo. The island has given much of its land to vast vineyards and endless olive groves, which can be easily crossed on separate paths for cyclists.
Ancient Mediterranean architecture, sealed in 40 small churches and chapels from different periods, is preserved on the island of Lastovo. Besides them, as a lone warrior, a storyteller, stands the military fortress Kascel, which perched on a hill vigilantly guards the medieval town of Lastovo. Tucked away in a natural amphitheater, Lastovo houses a treasure trove of religious art in the churches of Saints Kuzma and Damian, as well as numerous Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque stone houses. The famous stairs of Lastovo, leading from house to house, reveal unique architectural details that have become proof of the wealth of the locals.
Lastovo Island is an extremely hospitable island. Its inhabitants have a great merit for this. On the way to a secluded cove, some local and friendly hosts will offer freshly cooked food from homemade ingredients. Zaklopatica beach will welcome anyone who wants to sunbathe on it. And many, many other examples.
The Lestovo Nature Park is also extremely hospitable. It is located on the islands of Lastovo and Susac, as well as on the small archipelagos Lastovnjaci and Verhovnjaci. Lastovo Island asks for respect for nature, and in return gives the pleasure of staying in untouched nature. The underwater part of the island hides a lot of evidence of ancient sunken ships. The coexistence of these sunken relics with 248 species of aquatic vegetation and corals, mushrooms and membranes is not to be missed by amateur or professional archaeologists, biologists and zoologists, as well as ordinary lovers of underwater beauty.
The main cultural event on the island of Lastovo dates back to 1390. Many generations of islanders preserve and renew it every winter. It is recommended to take part in the carnival procession and burn the straw dolls called Poklade.

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