Santa Maria del Pi is a Gothic church from the XIV century, with a great stained glass window at the entrance, located on the beautiful Plaza de Sant Josép Oriol, which is a beautiful square that is a market for artists on weekends and filled with tables of Bar del Pi during the rest of the weather. The church Santa Maria del Pi is named after the pine tree that once stood on the site of the church today (pi means pine tree), occupying three small squares in Barcelona.
Santa Maria del Pi was started in 1389 and was built before any deadlines in the next fifty years. Destroyed by fire in 1936, it was resurrected in 1960. It is something amazing, a creation of architecture, with a 54 meter high octagonal bell tower, something amazing, given the fact that most cathedrals at that time were built in the modest 200-300 years. Therefore, there was no time to make changes to the drawings and today the church is in one style - Catalan Gothic. Santa Maria del Pi has Romanesque doors, but it generally exudes Gothic style.

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