The St. Patrick's Cathedral (Midtown Manhattan) is located in one of New York's largest neighborhoods-Manhattan on Fifth Avenue-and ranks among the oldest and largest neo-Gothic temples in the world. In 1858, the Archbishop of New York, John Hughes, announced his intention to build a church that would be both impressive for its architecture and a refuge for people wishing to pray to their god.

The temple's architect was James Renwick Jr, who borrowed the Gothic model of Cologne Cathedral in Germany. Constructed of brick and clad in marble, with its 100 meters long and 58 meters wide, this church is a jewel of New York. It was opened in 1879 by Hughes's successor, Archbishop John McCoskey. The cathedral's towers with their impressive architectural ornamentation were completed 10 years later. At 100 metres high, they were the tallest in the city until the 1930s, when skyscrapers began to appear in New York.

The $19 million cathedral bears the name of the Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. According to legend, Patrick used a shamrock clover during his sermons to explain the idea of the Holy Trinity. It is an interesting fact that the first parade in honor of St. Patrick was held in New York in 1762, not in Ireland. The feast of St. Patrick's feast day is celebrated on 17 March, as this date is taken to mark the completion of his earthly journey. This feast is also an official feast day for Ireland. St. Patrick's Day is also an official holiday of the European Union. St. Patrick's Day in New York City is the city's biggest event. On this day, people from all over the world gather here, festively dressed and take to the streets, draped in clovers and wishing each other happiness.

The St. Patrick's Cathedral is one of the most visited in New York. In 1906 its east facade was replaced with the Chapel of Our Lady designed by Charles T. Matthews. It contains a magnificent marble Pieta by the famous sculptor William O. Partridge. The doors on the Fifth Avenue side were added in 1949.

And on the doors of the main entrance, among other deities, is Elizabeth Ann Seaton, who was the first woman born in the United States to be declared a saint. Elizabeth was a beauty who married the property merchant William Seaton. The happy family had five children, but after financial ruin, William fell ill with tuberculosis. The family moves to Italy, where there is more sun, but William fails to save himself from the insidious disease. After his death, Elizabeth returned to America and devoted her life to charity. For this and inside the temple there is a bronze statue of her and a shrine to her memory.

The interior of the St. Patrick's Cathedral is rich and of high artistic value. There are over 2,800 stained glass panels and 21 altars. Above the high altar is a 17-metre bronze canopy. The narthex looks enchanting when light streams through the 8-meter high rosette above the large organ and the wonderful bronze doors. When the 19 bells start ringing on holidays, each with its own song, the feeling is great. It is no coincidence that there are almost always many people seated on the steps outside the church. It's nice to watch the flow of tourists and New Yorkers.

In the St. Patrick's Cathedral there are weddings or other events going on all the time. This is one of the must-visit places in New York.

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