In 1636, Count Duke Olivares laid the foundations of today's Parque de El Retiro with the idea of ​​turning it into a recreation area for the royal family.
Nowadays, the park is a beautiful place in Madrid, where one manages to escape from the gray everyday life and break free from the shackles of the big city. Retiro is a national park, a center of artistic nature, a stage for young people singing and playing tarambuki and a place for a blissful rest on the well-kept lawn.
A leisurely walk along the alleys of Retiro Park suddenly turns into a carnival when mimes and people dressed as fairytale characters appear and ignite the desire for interesting photo sessions with them. Everyone finds a different way to relax, but almost everyone decides to do it in Retiro Park.
Boating or water biking on Lake Estanque, theater or dancing and songs by street artists, eating fish and swans, a botanical garden with over 30,000 plant species or a peacock garden are among the many entertainments the national park has to offer.
Retiro relieves tension and stress from the hectic pace of life, but also enriches spiritually. The statue of Alfonso II on horseback - the most famous Spanish ruler who died at the age of 28, exhibitions of contemporary art, Palacio de Velazquez and Palacio de Cristal are among the landmarks that give the Retiro Park cultural significance.
In spring and summer the park has amazing greenery, many flowers and rosaries, which colorfully weave a palette of colors and aromas. All this gathered in one place, creates a world parallel to the dynamic city of Madrid of 140 hectares, in which one feels real pleasure and enjoyment in the fresh air and beautiful nature.

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