The Guggenheim is a code word for art and architecture, the golden mean between business and art, an attraction for tourists and an oasis in the city. Its opening in 1997 led to a cultural renaissance. 
An idea from the Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry Foundation took him to Bilbao, where the love between him and his beloved inspired the second museum in the series, named after Solomon Guggenheim.
The impressive museum is what the great art museums should be - sleek, stylish and functional. Built around a steel frame and clad in titanium armor, the museum itself resembles a life-size sculpture. The collection and the attracted exhibitions compete for uniqueness with the design, but everything fades in front of the facade of the museum building, which is the main reason why countless visitors flock to the Guggenheim.
Among the Spanish and international artists on display at the museum are Jenny Holzer, Jeff Koons, Yves Klein, Fujiko Nakaya and Luis Bourgeois, all artists who have made art famous in the 20th century. The Guggenheim also houses a series of eroded steel sculptures, but its star attraction is Richard Serra's "Matter of Time". Even motorcycles and fashion collections by Giorgio Armani can be seen in the museum.
The Guggenheim Museum is not just a house of art. It is a masterpiece, a symbol of architecture and art, an emblem of genius. It is a brand that sells brilliantly. The Guggenheim is said to be a world-class museum, but floating in a third-world place because of the dirty river that ran past it.
The compulsive idea that nothing can tarnish and overshadow the glory of the Guggenheim Golden Vein turns Bilbao from a derelict city on the north coast of Spain into a city that is already on the cultural map. The popularity of the museum is growing more and more, not only by word of mouth, but also by the appearance of its specific form from car commercials to videos of artists on MTV. A visit to the Guggenheim Museum becomes a criterion in certain artistic and architectural social circles.

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