Alakant, also known as Alicante, is a city in southeastern Spain, the administrative center of the province of Alicante in the Autonomous Community of Valencia.
It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, 125 km south of Valencia. This is a place in Spain that offers something for everyone - quiet cafes under palm trees perched on the coastal boulevard, sun and beaches, lively nightlife, historical sites and wonderful climate, and the friendliness of residents and delicious cuisine create an unadulterated feeling that right in place.
Alicante is a small but still very lively city, with shores that in the past attracted the Romans and later the Arabs, who remained in these lands for 500 years. Christians succeeded in conquering Alakant only in the 13th century. 
Spread over a huge bay, Alakant is a fast-paced city as well as a growing port city. The most famous landmark of the city is the Castillo de Santa Barbara, whose foundations were laid by the Carthaginians. Today, a rich collection of twentieth-century sculptures can be seen here. The palace has a vaulted exhibition hall, erected to tell the long and remarkable history of the castle.
The Museo de la Asegurada houses the inherited lavish collection of contemporary art by local artist Eusebio Sempere. Alakant also has its holidays. More interesting is Las Ogueras. During the fiesta, the people of Alicante traditionally celebrate moments in the history of the city. Papier-mâché sculptors are erected all over the city, which are burned on the last day of the holiday.
In Alakant people can spend wonderful hours walking the streets of the old town, and for those who need night emotions Friday and Saturday are the right days - then the city shows its bustling nightlife.

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