Mount Etna is an active volcano in the northeast of the island of Sicily, Italy. Its height is 3323 m, i.e. it is the highest in Europe. There are over 200 craters and lava flows on the slopes. On March 11, 1669, the most powerful eruption of Mount Etna volcano began and lasted for 4 months. 20,000 people died and 50 towns were destroyed. Etna's last eruptions were in December 1991, April 1992, July 2001 and October 2002.

Today, Etna is a site of international tourism. Despite the dangers of the volcano, more than 10 000 tourists come here every year. The summit of Mount Etna can be reached by train or car, which goes to the village of Linguaglosa. The road passes through orange, lemon, fig and olive groves. From there to the top, volcanic activity shows how far you can climb.

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