Bormio is a resort town located in the famous Italian region of Lombardy. Bormio is famous among ski resorts, as it often hosts international competitions. The city has hosted the World Alpine Skiing Championships twice - in 1985 and 2005. This resort has quite attractive slopes and attracts many fans of winter sports. Its slopes have a great altitude - from 3020 m to 1230 m, as well as a very good displacement - 1820 m. Bormio offers the best conditions for intermediate skiers, as for them the choice of terrain is the greatest.
The resort's specifications include a total track length of 50 km, 8 tracks for beginners, 8 tracks for intermediate and 2 tracks for experts. Due to the high altitude, snow cover is guaranteed throughout the season. In addition, artificial snow machines operate, covering 17 km of Bormio's winter trails. Fourteen lifts take care of transporting tourists from one point to another.
Not only skiers find a marina in Bormio. It has also been considered for snowboarders. There is a snowboard park for them, served directly by one of the lifts. Entertainment and relaxation beyond the white kingdom are offered by classical clubs and bars, piano bars, restaurants, theaters and halls where many concerts are held.

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