Valencia is a city in Spain, the capital of the Autonomous Community of Valencia and the Province of Valencia, located at the confluence of the Turia River and the Mediterranean. The Romans laid the foundations of the city on the site of an old Iberian settlement in 137 BC. under the name Valentia, meaning "strength", "power", "energy". 
The first invaders to conquer the territories were the Visigoths, and later Valentia underwent Moorish rule. In 1094 it was liberated by Aragonese troops led by El Sid, but in 1102 the Almoravids recaptured it. King Jaime I of Aragon recaptured it in 1238 and incorporated it into the newly created Kingdom of Valencia.
In the XV-XVI centuries Valencia developed well - it became an important port of the Mediterranean, the city founded the first printing house on the Iberian Peninsula, which printed a translation of the Bible in Valencian in 1478.
Valencia, with its beautiful beaches, impressive architecture, interesting nightlife and one of the most famous football teams, offers everything one could want.
The town of Art and Science, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is the city's newest jewel. The impressive complex of futuristic buildings is one of the most impressive projects in Europe, which together with many other interesting places make Valencia one of the most visited cities in Spain.
The presence of Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians has left its mark on Valencia. The Holy Grail, brought from Jerusalem, is kept in the Cathedral of Valencia. It is placed in a special altar and can be seen by any visitor.
Every year, in early March, in Valencia begins the unique holiday - Fai. These are 5 days of a lot of music, dances, flowers - a nearly 10 meter statue of the Virgin Mary is made only of red and white roses and carnations on the square in front of the cathedral, competitions - for the most original Fairy, the most impressive pyrotechnic show, the most spectacular fireworks, etc., tourists and of course paella.
The architectural, cultural and historical heritage, the paella, the holidays, the beaches, the museums and the intense nightlife - this is Valencia's calling card for the world.

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