At the crossroads between Zamora and Valladolid, in the center of a wine-growing region, the hospitable town of Tordesillas has spread its lands. Tordesillas is not just another town in Castile and Leon. This is the place where a rather memorable moment in the history of the New World was sealed - it was here in 1494 that the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed, which agreed on the division of the New World between Spain and Portugal.
In Tordesillas, among the places worth visiting is the Monastery of Santa Clara. It was built in 1350 as a royal palace. For a time, the Andalusian concubine of Pedro I lived there, and this period coincided with the reconstruction process of the castle, when Arab elements such as facing tiles, pike decoration and an arcaded patio were added to its architecture. In 1373, nuns settled down to live in it after a church was added, and today 13 nuns live in seclusion in this monastery - the so-called claustradas.
Impressive features are the carved Mudejar ceiling of the church, as well as 43 images of saints in stark contrast to the Arabic interior, but not least the extraordinary gilded altarpiece by Nicolas Frances and the collection of rare musical instruments, including the organ, on which Juana the Crazy played. In this church in Tordesillas, originally in a Gothic chapel, the tombs of the rulers Fernando and Isabella were laid, and then they were moved to Granada.

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