The province of Jaén is one of the eight provinces of the autonomous region of Andalusia in southern Spain. The province is the largest producer of olive oil in the world and ranks first in olive production in Spain. Apart from the food industry, the automotive industry is an important industry. The capital of this province is the city of Jaen.
Its name probably again has an Arabic connotation, as it is derived from the Arabic word Jayyan - crossroads of caravans. It is located in a hilly area with olive groves and its inhabitants are known as Jiennenses. Jaen is the administrative and industrial center of the province. The world knows the city not only as a city in Spain, but also as the capital of olive oil. Industrial enterprises in the city take care of the industrial progress of the city - chemical factories, tanning workshops, distilleries, confectionery factories, as well as textile factories.
The city's motto is "The very noble and very loyal city of Jaen, guard and defense of the kingdoms of Castile". This title was given to Jaen by King Henry II of Castile for privileges, but also because of the huge role the city played in the defense of the Kingdom of Castile from the Moors.
The hectic whirlwind of industry does not leave Jaen's historical sights in the background. At the top of the hill, but on which the city is located, is the Castle of Santa Catalina. Built on a fort of Arab origin, traces of which still exist. The current architecture in a typical Christian appearance, the castle acquired when the city was conquered by Ferdinand III of Castile in 1246. Jaen Cathedral is a huge renaissance building, one of the most important Renaissance style cathedrals, the construction of which began in 1570 and was completed in 1802. Jaen is seeking to have its cathedral listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Arab baths in the city are the most significant remains of the Moorish era of Andalusia and are the largest Arab baths preserved in Spain. They can be visited in the Villardompardo Palace, another historical monument in Jaen, built on Arab baths. It is located in the old quarter of La Magdalena. When visiting it, the two museums housed there can be seen, and the Museo Provincial can be seen when touring the new part of the city.

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