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The Badlands National Park

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The Badlands National Park

The Badlands National Park is located in the southwestern part of South Dakota and is an unusually beautiful semi-desert landscape. The rocks were formed by the successive accumulation of sand, mud, clay and volcanic ash millions of years ago. The fossils found in these rocks indicate that ancient three-finger toes, saber-toothed tigers, unusual pigs, elephant-like creatures, ancient rhinoceroses, and dog-sized camels lived here in ancient times.

Thousands of years later, White river his bed into soft rocks. As a result, rocks acquire bizarre shapes - protruding columns, cones and rock needles. Here the Indians have hunted since ancient times, and in December 1890 the white settlers have slaughtered the Lakota tribe.

Badlands is a place with a dazzling and a little scary beauty.

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