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The giant sequoia in Califronia

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The giant sequoia in Califronia

California's giant sequoia are the largest trees on the planet. They belong to cypress family and are three species: giant sequoia, mammoth sequoia, and Chinese metasequoia. The first two species grow in California and the third species only in China.

The last virgin forests of Mammoth Sequoia are located in the Humboldt Redwood State Park and are declared by UNESCO as part of the world's natural heritage. Their age is 3000 years, their height is over 91 m.

The largest seedling is called General Sherman and is 112.6 m high. Sequoies are also very thick trees. Through the trunk of the Sacred Tree you can go by car, the Tarps Log represents a whole hut carved into a fallen seagrass. The height of these trees is one of the wonders of nature. There is a new museum where you can find any information about these remarkable tree species.

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