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The Acadia National Park

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The Acadia National Park

The Acadia National Park is located on the Atlantic coast of Maine. It covers the island of Mount Desert, parts of three adjacent small islands and the Schoodic Peninsula. On mount Desert is mount Cadillac. It is made of pink granite and is covered with pine and spruce forests. The sunrise seen from the top of the mountain is something majestic. The park has a variety of wildlife species - 40 species of mammals, seals and oxen, more than 300 species of birds.

President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the park as a national monument in 1916. D. Rockefeller Jr. is fascinated by the beauty here and donated 1/3 of the land and also built over 80 km of dirt roads in the park as well as 17 granite bridges and two shelters at his entrances.

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