Edessa is a Greek city with a population of 25,000. It is located in Greek Macedonia and is the capital of Pella Prefecture. Edessa houses the departments of marketing and administration at the Macedonian University. The name of the city has Illyrian origin and means "city of waters", which is due to the fact that the area is rich in water resources and waterfalls, which are located in the city center and attract many tourists. The Slavic name of Edessa is Voden.
Edessa is an ancient Greek city, and archeological remains can be seen under the buildings of present-day Edessa. The city walls and the agora are exposed. A colonnade with Greek inscriptions from Roman times was found. The city of Edessa is located on the Roman road Via Egnatia and was one of the important cities in the past.
Recent history tells that after the liberation from Ottoman rule during the Balkan War, the city became a major industrial center. Much of it was burned by the Nazis during World War II, and after the war Edessa lost its industrial importance and population declined. Today, the city's economy is supported mainly by tourism.

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