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Brooklyn Botanical Garden

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Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, located right next to the Brooklyn Museum, is a jewel not only for this remarkable neighborhood, but also for New York City. The 52 acre garden is a celebration of landscape architecture. Founded in 1910 by the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. Designed by architects McKim, Mead and White, the Victorian palace house and the administrative building of the Botanical Garden were created. And the landscape architect Harold Caparn prepares the project for the garden itself, which is magnificent with carefully arranged plants in their natural environment.

It is the first of its kind gardens in North America with different wild flowers and trees. It was expanded in 2013 with its distinctive prairie vegetation, a pine forest, a pond and a wooden bridge, allowing visitors to go to various interesting places in the garden.

In the following years, more spaces have been added to the Botanical Garden thanks to donations and a desire to create beauty in this wonderful place.

The Japanese Garden of 1914 was the first one set up in an American public garden. It is considered the masterpiece of its creator Takeo Shiota (1881-1943), who was born in a small village next to Tokyo. Prior to emigrating to the United States, he crossed Japan on foot to get acquainted with the country's natural landscape. That's why its Japanese garden contains hills, waterfall, lake and island, and wooden bridges, paths, stone lanterns, rocks and typical Japanese plants are something charming. The lake is full of Japanese fish that visitors are watching with interest. The Japanese temple, dedicated to the Shinto god of fertility, complements this enchanting atmosphere.

The Cherry Garden with its 200 cherry trees of forty-two Asian species was created after the First World War as a gift from the Japanese government. Here is most beautiful in May, when the cherry trees are covered with flowers and then the flower festival is held. The good thing is that you can sit on the green lawn under the trees and enjoy the walk full.

Close to the Japanese Garden is the Garden for Kids too since 1914. In it students can grow different vegetables and flowers to gather in time.

The Cranford Rose Garden is something delightful. It was built by the construction engineer Walter V. Cranford in 1927 on a Harold Caparn project. Over 5,000 pink shrubs of nearly 1,400 types of roses, including wildlife, old rose roses, hybrid tea roses, miniature roses, others spread their fragrance from June to September.

The Shakespeare Garden was founded in 1925 by Henry Clay Folger, founder of the Folg Shakespeare Library in Washington. In this garden, there are more than 80 plants mentioned in Shakespeare's works, with labels in addition to botanical and shakespear names of plants.

The so-called Aromatic Garden is located near Shakespeare's Garden. Its creator, the landscape architect Alice Recknagel Ireys, made a project in 1955 specifically for visually impaired people. Visitors can trim the leaves of plants to feel their flavor. This is the first such garden in the US with special wheelchair trails and plants planted at a height suitable for people with disabilities. In this garden there is a wonderful fountain with soothing music and an interesting handwash.

One of the sequential additions of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the 1988 Steinhardt Conservatory, which houses the Bonsai Museum with a collection of 750 dwarf plants. In this greenhouse, you can see the exhibition "The Way of Evolution" illustrating the four billion years of plant growth and the Water House "Robert W. Wilson" with its collections of tropical aquatic plants, orchids and others.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has a Department of Education where lectures are held on growing flowers and other plant species. Students at the Brooklyn High School visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to develop their scientific and practical skills.

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