Padua is a city in northeastern Italy, in the Veneto region. It is located on the Bakilione River, 40 km west of Venice. 
The most important landmark of Padua is the Chapel of the Secret. It was built by order of the local nobleman Enrico Scroveni in 1303 and was painted by Giotto. 
The other great landmark of Padua is the Basilica of St. Anthony. The basilica is named after the miracle worker St. Anthony of Padua, whose relics are kept in it. It is also one of the most visited holy places in the world.
The University of Padua is also located in Padua - the oldest in Italy after the one in Bologna. Galileo Galilei taught here. 
In Padua, it is also worth seeing - the City Museum, the two squares - Piazza della Fruta and Piazza dei Signori, Baptistery with beautiful frescoes and more.

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