The city of Vicenza is located in the Veneto region, northeastern Italy. It is known as the city of architect Andrea Palladio, one of the most influential medieval architects. The beginnings of Vicenza date back to ancient times, dating back to the 7th-10th centuries BC. Then it was ruled by Rome. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, it was ruled by the Scaligeri family, who ruled it for 125 years. In 1404, it was conquered by Venice and held it until 1797. Under Venetian rule, the city prospered and prospered.
Vicenza's heyday was most pronounced in the 16th century, when Palladio worked in the city. His largest projects are: the Basilica Palladiana, Piazza dei Signori, Palazzo del Capitaniato, the Olympic Theater (the last project of the architect). On Piazza delle Erbe is the most important church in Vicenza - Sanctuary of Santa Corona known as "The Baptism of Christ" by Giovanni Bellini. Next to the Olympic Theater is the Vicenza City Art Museum, which is housed in a building also built by Andrea Palladio - PalazzoChiericati. The gallery houses a collection of medieval and renaissance works by artists from northern Italy.

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